Latino 20 Questions: Classik


1. Name:  Silvestre Manuel Nunez Cruz III rapper name Classik

2. Birth date:  12/04/88

3. Occupation:   Rapper


4. Hometown:  Salvatierra, Guanajuato

5. Favorite food:  BBQ Ribs

6. Family:  Mother Leticia Cruz, Laura Cruz, Lucia Cruz, Jessica Cruz, Oscar Cruz


7. Favorite music:  Rap, rock, 80’s rock, oldies, old school hip hop

8. Favorite magazine:  The Source


9. Favorite movie:   La Bamba

10. Famous person living or dead, I’d like to meet:  Pope John Paul II


11. In my spare time, I like to:  Write music, record, work out, and play basketball

12. If I could change one thing, I’d:  Make the world a more equal and fair place to live

13. Peak experience:  Opening up for T-Pain and Soulja Boy at The I Wireless Center

14. Pit experience:  Getting stranded in Springfield with my family

15. Favorite vacation spot:  Somewhere in paradise

16. One thing I feel strongly about:  Being a leader and not a follower

17. Most people don’t know:  I can break dance

18. I can’t stand:  Ignorant people

19. I wish I knew how to:  Speak more languages besides English and Spanish

20. Motto or favorite quote:  What goes around comes around

Classik has been in the rap game since he was 13 years old and has been performing live since he was 17 years old.  Classik has opened up for Rich Boy, Soulja Boy, T-Pain, Chingo Bling, Stunta Man and Coast, and GLC.  Classik decided to get into rapping to express himself through his music.  Classik suggests that anyone considering getting into music to stay focused and take it seriously.

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