El Toro Loco and Monster Jam return May 6 to the Vibrant Area


El Toro Loco and Monster Jam are coming back to the Quad Cities on May 6.

Moline, IL – The roar of the trucks, the skills of drivers in taming those big machines and the excitement of the audience it is all Monster Jam and it’s coming back to Quad Cities on Saturday May 6 for two shows.

All fans have their favorite trucks and drivers, but this time the focus is on the driver of El Toro Loco Elvis Lainez.

Since he attended his first Monster truck show when he was a small kid Lainez knew  driving monster trucks is something he wanted to do.


“My favorite memory off the track was when I attended my first show in the Astrodome and I heard the crowd go wild after a Tom Meents freestyle. After that event, I knew I wanted to become a Monster Jam driver,” he shared.

For Lainez this was not just a temporary childhood dream that vanes with time. He was determined and he started his journey toward this dream. 

“I started volunteering at shows and helped out with teams such as; Max-D, Grave Digger, El Toro Loco and more,” the driver of El Toro Loco, Elvis Lainez told. “When I turned 18, I was blessed and received my opportunity and now I am here to ride it all the way to the top.”

He remembers his first experience behind the wheel of the Monster truck as a moment filled with emotions.


When it comes to his driving style, Lainez describes it as giving his fans that exciting show they come for at Monster Jam.

“I like to be fast-paced and go big,” he specified.


Before the revving begins Lainez likes to spend time talking to his fans while soaking in the atmosphere of the show. Once the show begins his competitive side comes out and behind the wheel of El Toro Loco Lainez puts on a great show for the audience of Monster Jam.

It is only natural that there might be many kids in the audience that probably are like Lainez. They are dreaming of driving those Monster trucks professionally. Especially for those young Dreamers Lainez gave a piece of advice based on his experience.

“I would tell kids to stay focused and determined. Stay in school, listen to your parents and teachers and know that you can accomplish anything with hard work,” he said.

Come out to Vibrant Arena on Saturday, May 6th with two shows at 1pm and at 7pm and you will see Elvis Lainez drive El Toro Loco. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at https://www.vibrantarena.com/event-details/monster-jam-2

Monster Jam will return to Illinois later this year September 15th-17th at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL.

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