Grave Digger celebrates 40 years at Monster Jam this Saturday at the TaxSlayer Center


Since the young age of five, Grave Digger driver, Brandon Vinson knew he wanted to be playing in the dirt well into his adult years. This Saturday, he along with many other monster truck drivers, will show off their talents on the dirt at Monster Jam at the TaxSlayer Center in Moline, IL. “I rode dirt bikes from the age of 5 until now,” said Vinson. “I still ride and have always loved cars and trucks and heavy equipment and just always being in the dirt.”

And this year is special for Vinson and the Grave Digger crew as they will celebrate their 40th anniversary of the birth of their truck. “Gravediggers been around for forty years and it wouldn’t be possible without the fans following us and all the crazy stuff we do,” explained Vinson. “I was a crew chief for Grave Digger my whole career and the truck fit me. I grew up around the Anderson family and Dennis Anderson created this truck in 1982, so we are celebrating forty years of Grave Digger this year.”

His love for cars have definitely helped pave the way for his career as a monster truck driver, but to those who have a love for it or maybe just a curious interest in it, Vinson’s message is this; “Just follow your dream and follow your heart,” said Vinson. “Kick the door in and don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it or you’re not good enough, because it always possible. It takes one person to notice you and give you a shot. You just have to find that one person and keep plugging along. I’m living my dream now because I never took no for an answer.”


As Vinson makes his return to Moline this weekend as a driver now and not the pit crew, he wants old fans and new to know that his love for the sport and especially the fans is top on his list and hopes to show that through his driving. “The one thing you have to do is lay it all out on the line for the fans. I’m passionate about it and something I strive to do to is put on the best show possible,” said Vinson. “Monster Jam is growing every day getting bigger and better and doing more things for our fans and for our events. Its changed in a positive way. It’s a family sport and everyone can come to Monster Jam. It’s a great event and atmosphere.”

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Photo credit: Monster Jam/ TaxSlayer Center

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