Move over boys! This year, girls are making a name for themselves in a traditionally male sport. Monster Jam is coming to theQuad Cities from April 30 to May 1 with a line up of more than one female driver. Hola America had a chance to talk to one of the female drivers, Kayla Blood, driver of El Toro Loco®.
Kayla Blood was born in the small town of Plaucheville, Louisiana. She shared with us that she always been kind of a tomboy. No, don’t take it as if she always acted and dressed as a boy. In fact, she is as girly girl as they come. But even if she loves doing her hair and makeup, this does not mean she doesn’t enjoy the roar of motor and racing ATVs. Actually, she always loved racing. First, she started racing on foot. In 2008, while she was still in High School, she was the women’s State Champion for the 100 meter hurdles. Her love for speed earned her a scholarship to Northwestern State University. After finishing school she enlisted in the Louisiana National Guard, where she served for six years.
Toro loco 2After proudly serving her country, Ms. Blood found herself spending a lot of time at the ATV races and a little later she was not just watching, but racing. In 2015 the opportunity came knocking and she got a chance to participate in Monster Jam ® Quad War Races. Ms. Blood shared that her years of running and her love for speed helped her to get a spot at the Monster Jam ® competition. This might be her first year doing this, but she loves every minute of it and she had already won a couple of small competitions. She has not won the whole event yet, but she said she has come close many times.
“I had my down moments and up moments. I learned a lot from my teammates and I plan to do this as long as my body allows me,” Ms. Blood shared excitedly. “This becomes your lifestyle. You breathe it and eat it every day.”
Truth to be told, even her 3 year old son, who sometimes comes to see her compete, loves the loud noise of monster trucks and he loves the races.
And while she is surrounded by a lot of testosterone, Kayla Blood never forgets she is a girl. She shared a little secret with us that her and her teammate Bailey Shea Williams, before “going out there to dominate,” they take their time doing their hair and makeup. They have to be tough behind the wheel of their trucks, but that does not mean they don’t need to look good while doing it.
“We still do our girly thing, but on the track this is male dominated competition, we have to fight and overcome obstacles,” Ms. Blood shared. “Women are coming out beating men and making a name for themselves.”
This is something that motivates Ms. Blood.
Kayla Blood said that lately she had seen a lot of little girls coming to Monster Jam® competition. She said that at first they might come with their brothers, but they seem to enjoy it too. Ms. Blood shared that girls look up to female drivers and to know that she is a role model to all the little girls out there is amazing to her.
“I am excited to put on a show for the girls,” Ms. Blood said.
This year Monster Jam® is promising to be very interesting and exciting. There will be Monster trucks doing wheelies and donuts, speedsters and ATVs races. Don’t miss this exciting competition! Monster Jam® will perform at the iWireless Center on April 30, 2016 at 7:00 PM and May 1, 2016 at 2:00 PM. Come two hours early for the Party in the Pits, where you can meet Kayla Blood and other drivers and check out her truck El Toro Loco® and others. On Saturday Party at the Pits is from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM and on Sunday is from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. More information about Monster Jam is available at Tickets are on sale now and prices are between $23 to $48 for adults and tickets for kids 12 and under are $13 and up. Tickets can be bought at the iWireless Center Box Office or Ticketmaster.

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