It does not matter whether you are a newcomer or a lifelong resident of the Quad Cities chances are you don’t know much about the place you live in. This summer make time to ride Channel Cat while learning a little about the area you live in.

The Mississippi River is incredibly beautiful and the best way to explore the mighty Mississippi is actually be in the water. The amazing cool breeze stroking your face, a gentle rocking of the water while you are sitting in the channel cat enjoying a learning experience about your hometown, this is what you can expect from Channel Cat Talks.

Many are familiar with the fact that Latinos have a long history in the Quad Cities. And the Channel Cat Talks on May 30 (in English) and June 1 (in Spanish) will explore more deeply the Mexican and Latino/a American Histories of the Quad Cities. Dr. Araceli Masterson, Augustana College associate professor of Spanish, will share these stories with participants. While the water taxi will be gliding in the waters of the mighty Mississippi, Dr. Masterson will be narrating those amazing stories.

This is a great opportunity to learn about part of the Quad Cities history that you might not be very familiar with.  River Action, the organization that offers this program, invites everyone to “join us in learning about the unique nature and culture of the Quad Cities.”

If the waters of the Mississippi River could talk what beautiful stories would they tell us about those who were here before us? Don’t wonder and check out Channel Cat Talks on May 30 (English) and June 1 (Spanish) that will focus on Latinos’ stories. Those wishing to participate in this event need to go to Celebration Pier Channel Cat Landing, 2951 E. River Dr., Moline by 9 AM. All the talks are from 9:00 AM to 10:45 AM with headsets provided for each participant to better hear the narration. The cost for Channel Cat Talks is $14 per person.  The Channel Cat Talks start May 30 through September 2. For information about other Channel Cat Talks topics and dates please go to:


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