Youth Mariachi Band will play at Biden’s Inauguration

President Elect Joe Biden and Mariachi Joya

The Presidential Inauguration 2021 is shaping up to be a big celebration of the diversity in The United States. The youngest inaugural poet to recite her work, Amanda Gorman, 22, is African American and now it has been announced that Latinos will be represented by Las Vegas High School’s Mariachi Joya.  

It is great to have celebrities to represent Latinos, but it is even more emotional when regular citizens are chosen to celebrate the great diversity that makes America such a great place. Mariachi Joya from Las Vegas, Nevada never imagined they would be invited to represent the state for the Inauguration Day “Parade Across America.”  


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there won’t be the traditional Inauguration Day Parade, instead there will be a “virtual parade” that would represent communities from all over the United States. The Inaugural committee press release explained that this will be the celebration of heroes that showcases Americans from all walks of life. Different states and regions of the country are included to show the amazing diversity, heritage and strength of Americans.  


Mariachi Joya was chosen to represent Mexican and Latino American heritage and the future. And the future of Latinos is bright, with more Latinos participating in leadership roles in the Biden administration, this new era is promising to be different.  

Mariachi Joya actually performed for Joe Biden in January of last year to welcome the presidential candidate to Nevada.  

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