Vicente Fernandez, Los Tigres del Norte and other famous Latino artists have come out to endorse Hillary Clinton for President


Los Tigres del Norte announced their support for Hillary Clinton during their concert in Des Moines, Iowa.

“We are tired to be called rapists and murderers and that is why, starting today, your friends, los Tigres del Norte, endorse and support Hillary Clinton for President. We invite you to vote for her as we will do so as well,” Jorge Hernandez, leader of the group along with his band mates, announced to the people at the concert.

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Vicente Fernandez, a legend of ranchera music, came out of retirement to write a song for Hillary Clinton ‘El Corrido de Hillary.’

“Dear friends, your voice is your vote. Together we can!” says Vicente Fernandez at the beginning of the music video in Spanish (You can see the video at

“Hillary we are with you. You can count on us. You will be our voice once you become President,” Vicente Fernandez sings at the end of the song.


This summer the group Los Malandrines also endorsed Hillary Clinton and they even have her presidential campaign logo on their accordion and they have put pictures of them with Hillary and her husband President Bill Clinton on their Facebook page.

Los Malandrines y su acordeón de Hillary Clinton que usaron para entretener al publico en la Convención Nacional de LULAC en Washington, D.C. este verano pasado. Foto por Tar Macias

Many other Latino artists like Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin also have united to support Hillary Clinton.


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