Today Governor Reynolds signed a proclamation to allow bars to reopen in Black Hawk, Dallas, Linn, and Polk Counties


The bars were ordered to close on August 27 due to a sharp increase in coronavirus cases. On Wednesday at 5 PM bars, taverns, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and night clubs will be allowed to reopen for business. Also, restrictions on hours when alcohol can be sold in restaurants will be lifted in these four counties.  

Bars in Story County home of the Iowa State University and Johnson County home of the University of Iowa will stay closed. These two counties are still allowed to sell to-go alcoholic beverages that can be consumed off-site and some restaurants are restricted from selling alcohol after 10 PM. These rules apply until Sunday night. If Governor Reynolds decides not to extend the proclamation the adjusted public health measures will remain in effect only until September 20, 11:59 PM.  


As of yesterday, September 14, 2020, there were 75,389 confirmed coronavirus cases in Iowa and 1,234 people have died.  Polk County is leading with the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, Johnson County is the second county with the most cases as of yesterday’s statistics.  

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