Mattel will release the second edition of Dia de los Muertos Barbie


Dia de los Muertos is approaching fast. This year, once again, Mattel is releasing a new version of Dia de los Muertos Barbie.  

Last year Mattel released the first version of Barbie to celebrate el Día de los Muertos and it was very popular. It was praised as beautiful. Last year the stunning doll had a calavera painted on her face and had a black dress with stunning designs. This year the doll will have a light-colored dress in lace and colorful design. Her hair has shimmering golden highlights and hands hold marigolds and roses. The makeup on the face is even more stunning and detailed than the doll from last year. Also, real dolls from Mattel come with a Certificate of Authenticity and the cost is $75.00. The doll was designed by Mexican American designer Javier Meabe. He found inspiration in his background and family traditions.  

The 2020 version of Dia de los Muertos Barbie.

Last year the Dia de los Muertos Barbie was a difficult item to find and it demanded very high prices on the aftermarket. 


The second doll will soon be available on Mattel’s website or at mass retailers like Target, WalMart and Amazon.  It is already pre selling for prices in the upwards of $200.00 on some websites. 

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