Grizzly Clean an Auto Detailing service with your health in mind


Some might say that launching a business during a pandemic is a crazy thing to do, but that depends on the industry. Maybe opening a new restaurant would have a little more risk but a business that provides a cleaning service could thrive in the current environment.  

Elijah Savala, owner of the Grizzly Clean in Des Moines, Iowa started out his working life in the kitchen but soon realized the kitchen was not the right place for him. In March of 2020, Savala launched Grizzly Clean. 

Grizzly Clean is an Auto Detailing service that offers Interior and exterior cleaning and disinfecting, paint correction and ceramic coating. Savala, who was born in the QC and raised in both the Quad Cities and Des Moines explained that health issues were the reason why he stopped working in the kitchen and decided to launch his own business.  


“As a teenager, I loved working in the kitchen but soon after I developed severe respiratory problems, I had to leave the kitchen life. I was ending up in the emergency room every other week. Eventually I got admitted to ICU for a week from almost having my lungs completely closing up. I remained sick for months after and I couldn’t work. I could barely get up the stairs and had to stay on bed rest for the remainder of the time,” this now happily engaged father of two, shared how health issues affected his life and decision about his future. “To this day, I am still being sent to Iowa city and the Mayo Clinic and still have serious health issues. Eventually, I felt like I needed to start my own business to have a stable income and provide for my first born. Not knowing what my health results will be for my future, I have been truly dedicating my life to make this company grow for the unforeseeable future.”  

It makes complete sense that a person with respiratory problems could see the importance of a clean car and create a business around that. 

Grizzly Clean was launched in March, right when the pandemic started tightening its grip over the United States. Although one might think that starting a business in the cleaning industry should make it an instant success during a pandemic, it is not always so. Savala explained that his newly launched business did not escape the impact of the pandemic completely.  


“Grizzly Clean was created at the beginning of the pandemic which really put a damper in kick-starting our dream,” he shared.  “We have made it a mission to provide safe alternatives in cleaning such as contactless options along with additional employee safety measures.”  

He also added that besides regular car cleaning they have specific cleaning products that can be used to disinfect the car. During a pandemic, many customers would surely appreciate their cars getting a deep cleaning and disinfecting.  


Elijah Savala started out with a dream of having a career in the kitchen, but health issues closed that door for him. But neither pandemic nor personal health issues kept him from working towards his dream of being a business owner. It is not easy to start a business, and it is even harder to do it in the current environment. His strong work ethic and desire to be a good father and provider, push Mr. Savala to do his best.  

“We appreciate any opportunity that is given to earn new and existing business,” Savala explained how thankful he is for everything. “Grizzly Clean is your dedicated Mobile Auto Detailing Service. Our team comes to you! We service the Des Moines Metro Area and now the Quad Cities Metro Area. We are fully motivated to provide the cleanest cars with the cleanest prices!”  


Grizzly Clean is located in Des Moines, IA but as of August 31 Grizzly Clean is now servicing the Quad Cities Area full time. For pricing and cleaning packages information, please, go to or call (515) 393-9778. For specials and giveaways follow Grizzly Clean on Facebook.  

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