The Renew Resale Shop in Des Moines helps foster self-reliance and self-esteem



Resale shops can be a place where customers find small treasures or they can be dusty, smelly stores full of stained, ripped or otherwise unusable things priced as much as new. The Renew Resale Shop located at main floor of Park Fair Mall at 100 E. Euclid Ave, Suite 5 in Des Moines, IA, is a store that will surprise even those who think that all resale shops are the same.

“We want this place to feel as clean and organized as any retail store. We don’t want people to feel like they’re having to sort through junk to find somebody’s old handouts. We want people to feel like they’re shopping for their families,” Pastor Philip Herman of Highland Park Community Church that runs The Renew Resale Shop, explained.

Pastor Herman knows enough about resale shops. Since he grew up in a family of a lesser means, shopping at thrift stores was something that his family did on a regular basis. This experience helped him realize that resale shops can be very important in the lives of people and the shops are also a good way to support the work of ministries. That is why to people involved in this venture the opportunity to have a store at a large space like Park Fair Mall is important.

Park Fair Mall, where The Renew Resale Shop is currently located, first was opened in 1956 and at that time it was a first enclosed shopping center in Iowa. Between 50s and 70s this mall was buzzing with activity, but as many malls around the country Park Fair Mall was virtually empty by the year 2007. Opening The Renew Resale Shop at Park Fair Mall is Highland Park Community Church way of participating in economic revitalization of this shopping center. Besides participating in economic revitalization, Highland Park Community Church sees The Renew Resale Shop is a way for church becoming self-sustaining and have enough funds to serve people and “minister to the needs of people” in the future.

Pastor Herman said that the store sells clothes, appliances, furniture, toys and various items for small children.  He assures that the prices at this resale shop are very affordable.

“The store operates with the growing philosophical clarity mindset that focuses on rebuilding the dignity of the poor and underserved by doing things with them instead of doing things to and for the poor,” Pastor Herman explained the purpose of The Renew Resale Shop.

He said that there are many resale stores that accept items that are either ripped, stained or simply junk clarifying that people of lesser means are not looking to buy damaged items. He also, told that on the other hand there are many resale shops that might not accept items that are plain junk, but those stores are part of big business and they are not looking to help others, but rather make as much money as they can.

“The Renew Resale Shop is one of the most organized thrift store that you would ever walk into,” Pastor Herman described how this store is different from others like it. “Everything is priced, like items are kept together, the store smells fresh and clean and only good quality things are kept to sell. The store is about creating a welcoming place by how you are greeted by staff and the ability to linger as long as you like without being rushed.”

Pastor Philip Herman also emphasized that the goal of this venture is to offer help to those who needs it, but do It in such way that they do not feel like they are losing their dignity.

“We want people to feel ownership in their lives and inspire the understanding that they have the power to make change in their own lies,” Pastor Herman stated.

Pastor Herman expressed his hope that in the future The Renew Resale Shop will become “welcoming hub for the community.” In a long run he hopes that having this will help positively transform community of Highland Park and money earned at this store would be used to provide many opportunities.

“We want to grow the business where we have additional staff, but deep partnerships with local schools,” Pastor Philip Herman said. “We want this to be a place that students can serve their community service hours and earn special recognition.”

Visit The Renew Resale Shop located at main floor of Park Fair Mall at 100 E. Euclid Ave, Suite 5 in Des Moines, IA. The operating hours are 10:30 Am to 5 PM Monday through Friday and 8:30 Am to 3:30 PM on Saturday. The store is closed on Sunday. Look for them in Facebook at

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