Taste of Fiesta in Rock Falls, IL is back! And they are preparing for a fun and safe festival


Little by little community events and parades are starting to pop up again with a lot of caution. Hispanic Heritage celebration month is almost here and already there are some fun and interesting events scheduled for this year in Western Illinois. Come out to celebrate Hispanic culture at Taste of Fiesta in Rock Falls, IL.  

The Taste of Fiesta is the largest Hispanic celebration event in the Sauk Valley area. It had its first celebration in 2011.  

“This will be the 9th annual event (because of the COVID-19 pandemic) and we are excited to be back after not having the event last year.,” Gabriel Perez, one of the organizers of this event said.  


Mr. Perez explained that while in previous years they always tried to have a specific theme that would promote and educate the community about heritage and culture, this year the organizers simply wanted to celebrate the pleasure of meeting and being around people again. #UnitedAgain is the theme of this year’s Taste of Fiesta.  

The 9th annual Taste of Fiesta will be the first big event that starts Fiesta Days in Sauk Valley. Taste of Fiesta will be on September 11, 2021 at the RB&W District Park, Rock Falls, IL.  

“Opening ceremonies will begin at 12pm Noon however, we will be having food vendors operating as soon as they set up,” Mr. Perez said.  “Most of our Food and regular craft vendors accept cash as their primary method of payment but, we are encouraging contactless methods of payments due to the pandemic. The event officially runs until 6pm but potentially can run longer depending on guest attendance.”  


In addition to delicious food, there will be music, crafts for kids, and outreach and support services. Attendees will be able to enjoy live music, traditional folkloric dancing, live artwork from featured artists and 50/50 cash raffle. As usual there will be an award ceremony.  

“As an organization, we also award and recognize community leaders and young scholars with scholarships,” Mr. Perez explained. “We pride ourselves in being education focused for our community by offering support resources and outlets for our culture to grow.”  


Considering that the pandemic is still going on, the organizers of this event are taking necessary precautions to keep attendees as safe as possible. Although masks are not required to attend, it is strongly encouraged that attendees use them.  


“Guests can feel safe knowing that this year we will offer free disposable face masks upon request if needed, as well as hand sanitizer available on location,” Mr. Perez shared safety information. “We are encouraging everyone to still respect the personal space of others and maintain social distance when possible. As mentioned above, we are encouraging contactless methods of payment to all of our vendors and attendees, when possible, to limit possible points of contact but remember to bring cash as this will guarantee their transaction.”  


During this event the public is also encouraged to get vaccinated.  

“This year we are also offering a public service through the Whiteside County Health Department of getting vaccinated on-site for our guests and attendees if they choose to get it with their mobile bus” Mr. Perez announced.  

Taste of Fiesta organizers hope people can make time and come out to enjoy this celebration. It will also be a day of remembering. The organizers would like everyone to remember those that are not longer among us.  

“We are excited to be back after the pandemic and be celebrated as a culture. We also want to recognize that due the pandemic there are those of us that aren’t able to be with us because of their passing and know that members of our community have been impacted by the pandemic,” Mr. Perez explained. “We want to do our best to respect everyone affected and continue to experience an impact from the pandemic. We stand strongly beside those individuals and members of our community as we move forward into the unknown. As always, I want to wish everyone to continue to be blessed and provide support, when possible, with the platform we provide from our organization.”  

Taste of Fiesta will be on September 11, 2021 at the RB&W District Park, Rock Falls, IL. 

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