By Jack Cullen 

In alignment with the Q2030 Regional Action Plan, the Putnam Museum is unveiling an exhibit Saturday, Jan. 26, called RACE: Are We So Different?

Visitors will explore race through these three lenses: the history of race; the science of race; and the recent experience of race and racism in the U.S.


Putnam President and CEO Kim Findlay encourages businesses and other organizations to use the exhibit to open discussion about equity and inclusion in the workplace. Volunteers also are needed to serve as hosts and discussion facilitators during the exhibit’s four-month run in the Quad Cities.

According to a follow-up survey of the 5,000 plus people who participated in the Quad Cities Big Table last April, 36 percent of hosts said their groups discussed equity and social inclusion. They identified the need to develop awareness of the challenges certain populations face and empathy for people from different backgrounds.

To make the Quad Cities a more welcoming and inclusive place to live, Big Table participants called for the sponsorship and promotion of more cultural events that celebrate the area’s diversity, among other solutions. The RACE exhibit answers that call.

For more information, including details about programs for visiting businesses and nonprofit organizations, go to

Jack Cullen , Q2030 Project Manager for the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce

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