Fernando Aveiga always had music inside. This musician, soccer fan, real estate agent and entrepreneur as of the end of 2018 is now an co-owner of radio station La Q Buena 106.9 FM in Des Moines, IA.

Ms. Aveiga, along with Darwin Salas, are the owners of this new venture among radio stations of Central Iowa.

According to their mission statement, La Q Buena wants to be a support to the  Hispanic community through programs, promotions, commercials, festivals and events it offers.

Fernando Aveiga

“We want to give an opportunity for people to express their talent through La Q Buena. When I talk about talent I refer to DJs, bands, and promoters,” Fernando Aveiga explained. “One of our objectives is to bring the highest level of radio broadcasting in Spanish to our audiences and to give exposure to bands and artists with talents of high quality.”

Last year on November 30 La Q Buena had its launch party at the 7 Flags Event Center. It was great event for the  Latino community in Des Moines, IA. During the launch party there were performances by various bands and Akwid to celebrate this new station.

After the huge success of the launch party, La Q Buena went on with its mission of offering many different events to its audience. To celebrate the Holiday season, they had a community posada and a special event for the Day of Three Wise Men.

“Recently, we had an event to celebrate the Three Wise Men where more than 800 people came out,” Aveiga told us. “No single child left without a present. Our strength is to give joy and entertainment during community events.”


Those that listen to La Q Buena are surely familiar with Damian Chavarin, better known as el Furia, a DJ that transmits from Mondays to Fridays from 3 to 7 PM. El Furia can make any fan of regional Mexican music dance with his segments like Lucha De Estrellas, Puras Pa Pistear, Que Buenos Corridos y Que Buena Banda.

Jesús Rivera compañía de Nelcy Castillo “La Chama”.

“La Q Buena offers fresh content, we are looking to do something different,” El Furia assured. “We also have important informational programs such as Empresarios, Las Macheteras and more. We are not just music.”


The mission to convert La Q Buena in more than just radio station that transmits music in Spanish will continue in 2019 as well. La Q Buena and El Furia invite al radio listeners to follow them and look for what they have prepared for 2019.

“There will be new things and many promotions with different prizes through radio station to our listeners,” El Furia said.


Mr. Aveiga agrees with one of his best DJ’s. In fact, Fernando Aveiga has plans that go beyond just offering support to the Hispanic community in Iowa.

“We want to become a new standard of the radio industry at a global level. We want to export our programs to benefit the public in the state of Iowa and beyond,” Mr. Aveiga shared his vision of the future for La Q Buena.

You can listen to new radio station La Q Buena tuning in to 106.9 FM and 1490 AM in Des Moines. Also, look for them in Tune In app.

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