LULAC calls for a full federal probe into the beheading of a Ft. Bragg Latino Army Specialist while camping with seven other soldiers

Spc. Enrique Roman-Martinez

Nation’s Largest and Oldest Latino Civil Rights Organization Urges the FBI and Department of Justice To Enter the Case and Pushes for Doubling the Reward to $100,000 In the Gruesome Decapitation and Dismemberment Slaying

Washington, DC – The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) says it is bringing the full force of the organization to bear in the murder investigation of Army Specialist Enrique Roman-Martinez. LULAC pledges not to rest until all leads are pursued, and the complete set of facts are uncovered in the horrific murder of the soldier from Chino, California. The 21-year-old service member disappeared in May 2020 while he was on a Memorial Day weekend outing at Cape Lookout National Seashore in North Carolina with seven fellow soldiers.

LULAC holds a press conference on Thursday, January 27, 11:30 AM (PT), at Plaza Olvera Street, 845 N Alameda St. Los Angeles, CA 90012. Speakers will include Jose Barrera, CA LULAC Director, Attorney Dustin Collier, and Griselda Martinez, sister of Enrique.

“LULAC expects this brutal murder case to get the highest attention of the two top investigating agencies in our federal government, nothing less,” says Domingo Garcia, LULAC national president. “Also, the reward for information leading to the prosecution for murder must be increased from $50K to $100K. As of today, the investigation into Enrique’s killing has reached a milestone in the search for justice. Seven people now face possible charges in the matter. The Army has done what it can, and now we look to the FBI and the DOJ to take the aggressive action needed to bring those responsible to face the consequences for their heinous act. We thank Attorney Dustin Collier for his determination and his humanity in taking on this matter pro bono.


“Enrique’s family deserves the truth and justice, and it has become abundantly clear the Army is unable or unwilling to provide either,” says Collier. Jose Barrera, California LULAC state director, adds, “LULAC demands that the killer or killers of Enrique Martinez be found and prosecuted, so he and his family get the justice they deserve. The seven soldiers who were with him know what happened. It is time for vigorous efforts to identify the perpetrators of this murder. Attorney General Garland and Director Wray – it is your time to take over what the Army has tried but failed.”

Garcia says, “LULAC’s military task force, the same team that helped push for action in the killing of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen at Ft. Hood, Texas, was contacted by Griselda Martinez, the victim’s sister shortly after he disappeared. They immediately began working on the case and reached the U.S. Army to inform them LULAC was involved and monitoring what action Army investigators were taking to arrest and charge those responsible. That is still our commitment, and LULAC will not quit as we did not relent in Vanessa’s case.”

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