Join Mikal Settle in learning more about being physically active this weekend! 

Mikal Settle CEO and Founder of Blaise Training Photo by Nixson Benitez / Hola Iowa

Mikal Settle, a young black entrepreneur, personal trainer, and the CEO of Blaise training is inviting any and everyone to Never Settle day, providing opportunities to develop physically and mentally! 

Settle expressed the idea to two people, and after receiving support. Settle took the initiative to bring this idea to life. He is never too comfortable and is always seeking ways to grow as well as inspire. 

One of the main things I’m trying to do is inspire young black entrepreneurs because I’ve known how hard it has been for me to get things rolling to build that belief in myself.” said Settle 


Settle is currently collaborating and organizing an event known as Never Settle Day, a free outdoor workout for anyone to join. This is an opportunity for people to get active and go outside! This event will take place August 21st at Pioneer Park from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. This event includes free fruits and vegetables through participation! 

This day will be a good opportunity to get guidance from Settle & Desean Williams. Williams is another personal trainer involved in helping give guidance. Settle’s team looks forward to providing a free outdoor service to the city of Des Moines. 

“I want to give people who don’t have the funds to pay for personal training to get training in a group setting with high quality work,” said Settle.

The pandemic in many ways challenged people’s Physical Health with gyms being closed due to the pandemic, but physical health isn’t the only thing. 

“You got mental health, physical health, Religious health, spiritual health and so if it sacrifices your health it’s never worth it.” said Settle

If any aspect of health is jeopardized, Settle highlights how it is important to recognize it and to bring those conversations up. Health in the pandemic has been jeopardized for many individuals, but it’s never too late to start the conversation to seek improvement.


“Wherever you’re at as far as health whether you feel like you are a 9 out of 10, or 2 out of 10. Make sure you start working towards the Improvement of Health. ” said Settle

One of the things Settle is currently working on is sleep, Settle is not the only one as many people lack sleep due to many factors. He struggles with it due to it not having a pause button with social media, but Settle is consistently looking for ways to improve his own health. 


“By starting to put your phone down and not responding to messages all the time when it’s past ten o’clock. I know I can’t achieve all my goals in one day…” said Settle 

Settle continues, “I can be working from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and when 10:30 hits I feel like I got to do more. I’ve been really trying to talk to myself mentally by telling myself, “your day is done, you can’t win this battle as today is over. In order to win the war you have to be prepared for tomorrow, so make sure you try to get some sleep tonight.

Mikal Settle CEO and Founder of Blaise Training
Photo by Nixson Benitez / Hola Iowa

Success won’t happen everyday, but it is trying to be consistent in trying to achieve those goals. Some days will be tough and others will be a blessing, but one thing that Settle wants to communicate is to believe in yourself. 


“Nobody’s perfect, no matter what it is if you made a mistake yesterday; see how you can go about it today. Nobody’s perfect so make sure that you’re not too hard on yourself to where you’re beating yourself up everyday…” said Settle 

Settle continued “… there’s never going to be a right time to start anything, the right time is now. That is the only right time.” 

With many of the kids in schools having to also be in the same circumstances as adults  during the Pandemic, Settle is involved in many ways in helping promote Youth Engagement in Sports and Activities.

“Try to figure out a fun way for you to get active. Whatever the exercise is, whatever the activities are, get out and do something that’s going to make you have fun…” said Settle 

When making personal goals Settle truly puts never settle to a whole different level. 

Settle continued “…especially those youth coming out of the Des Moines area from the west side or even the South Side. There’s nothing that you can’t achieve.” 

Settle looks forward to hearing people’s goals and ambitions. To follow and learn more on  Settle’s story visit his website for more information. Settle is also on Instagram, counting down the days for the event and delivering the message of the day.

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