Zaragoza Construction a young company with a lot of experience


Is your kitchen begging for a remodel? Does your leaky roof worry you that fall season will not be all fun and pumpkins, especially if it starts raining more and more?  Don’t spend your nights worrying about potential home improvements, instead, pick up your phone and call Zaragoza Construction in Marshalltown, IA for a free estimate.  

Jose Zaragoza established Zaragoza Construction 6 months ago. Being a new kid on the block does not mean that Mr. Zaragoza does not have necessary experience and knowledge to do an exceptional job for his customers. Originally from Elgin, IL Mr. Zaragoza moved to Marshalltown,IA about 10 years ago. He is a graduate of Marshalltown High School and DMACC, holding a building trade certification.  

“After school I worked with different jobs to find which route to take in construction. I did concrete, framing, and house remodels. So, I have experience doing a lot of things,” said Mr.Zaragoza

Mr. Zaragoza explained why he should not be overlooked by customers for being a newbie in the construction business.  

Mr.Zaragoza added that he worked in the construction industry for the past two years gaining experience and learning the ins and outs of the construction business.  

Before launching his company and while working with other construction companies Mr. Zaragoza was helping to rebuild after the Derecho storm that hit Iowa hard in August of 2020.  


“I helped fix a lot of homes that were damaged by the derecho while I was working with Travis Grammer at Grams construction…” said  Mr. Zaragoza


Mr. Zaragoza explained that his mentor helped him to reach his dream of becoming a business owner through his advice. 

Mr.Zaragoza continues “…he had a big part in showing me most of the things I know now and gave me guidance to be where I’m at today.”  

Zaragoza Construction specializes in siding, roofing, bathroom and kitchen remodels. Interested customers can reach Zaragoza for free estimates by calling (641) 758-5250.  

“You can also find us on Instagram @ZaragozaLLC,” Zaragoza invited his potential customers to check out his social media account.  


Zaragoza Construction might be new in the construction industry, but it does not take away that the owner has necessary experience to do a great job for his customers. Zaragoza Construction might be the company you have been looking for that could finally fix that ugly bathroom that is screaming for improvement.  

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