#IAmAnImmigrant Letter Writing Event in Iowa City


Join Hawkeyes for Dream Iowa and come out to Brew Lab located at 505 E Washington St, Iowa City, on Thursday April 20 at 7pm to write your story. Share your roots, where you came from, and who you are.

“The #IAmAnImmigrant campaign encourages all of us to explore our individual heritage & recognize our distinct and shared experiences. We all have our piece in the American story, whether as a new immigrant, native to this land, a descendent of slavery or those who came to our nation seeking a better life.

#IAmAnImmigrant honors each of our families’ sacrifices, struggles and successes – America’s strength is reflected in our diversity built over generations.


Join artists, entertainers, elected officials, organizations and your friends in celebrating the diverse heritage of our nation’s social fabric. Stand with immigrants, and join us on the road and online at #IAmAnImmigrant to celebrate the monumental contributions that immigrants have made — and continue to make every day.”

– http://www.iamanimmigrant.com/

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