The QC Ballet Folklorico prepares for their 25th anniversary


Rehearsing more than ever and fully dedicated to the dance today are the members of the Folkloric Ballet of the Quad Cities, the reason of such effort is that they’re preparing the great spectacle that they’ll present this year for their 25th anniversary.

Twenty-five years have passed since Mr. Arnulfo Camarillo had the initiative in 1984 to form this artistic group in the Quad Cities. Since its beginning the Folkloric Ballet had as an objective to be a source of culture, education and art and there’s no doubt that it has accomplished it.
Currently this Ballet has become a fundamental part of the Mexican culture in the Quad Cities. There are more than 50 dancers that form the group, made up of children young students in elementary, junior high and high school between the ages of 6 and 16.

The group currently has in its repertoire no less than 100 dances and different dances from 15 states in Mexico and from different time in history. Most of the dancers rehearse more than six hours a week. The Folkloric Ballet of the Quad Cities performs at numerous presentations during the year in churches, schools, festivals and in community organizations.


The dancers not only have to learn the steps of the different dances but also learn about Mexican culture and the influence that the European cultures have had over them and what this mixture that has given origin to a proper culture that’s reflected in all its traditions means.

This training benefits the Quad Cities community as well because in each Ballet presentation it can learn more about the Mexican culture through the dance.

This anniversary year HOLA AMERICA and the first TV show, in Spanish in the QC and its surroundings, NUESTRA GENTE, are going to follow up all the activities of this great Folkloric Ballet that fills no only Mexicans but all Hispanics with pride in this part of the country.


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