Near Perfect Night for MFS at EXC 224


Clint Anderson in his submission win.

 Photo by Alexandra Jaimes



(Bettendorf, IA.) – It was almost another clean sweep for the Miletich Fighting Systems as they went 5-1 last Friday night at the Waterfront Convention Center at Extreme Challenge 224. 

Former Team Evolution fighter, now MFS member, Anthony Nache made his debut for the organization and left quite a mark as he displayed some acrobatic kicks and superb counter punching early in the first round against opponent Jordan Franks. 

He went on to secure a guillotine choke later in the round for the win.  “I’m a lot faster than most fighters,” said Nache.  “There are always things to improve on but if the opportunity presents itself I’m ready to go pro.” 


Jeremy Anderson retained his amateur welterweight title as he made quick work of challenger Rich Allen.  A big knee from Anderson was the beginning of the end for Allen as shortly after landing that, Anderson took his back and finished with an armbar submission. 

It didn’t take long for John Soliz to get his win either as it took only thirty-five seconds to take his opponent Vic Hall down to the mat where he found the kimura forcing Hall to tap.  “I don’t have a game plan.  I just want to end the fight as quick as possible,” said Soliz.  “My goal is to take care of my friends and family. If I keep my head screwed on straight, the rest takes care of itself.” 


It took MFS member, Jake Klemme a bit longer for his win over Jeremy Marts as he won in spectacular fashion by way of catch wrestling toe hold in the third round. Klemme would also go on to receive Submission of the Night honors.  “He was a tough guy but I thought if I kept pursuing something would come along,” said. Klemme.  “We (MFS) work a lot of painful submissions.  We don’t just want to choke you.  We want to hurt you.” 

Clint Anderson put a lot of hurting on his opponent Ben Miller during his fight as well as he caught Miller in a triangle early in the first round.  Instead of ending it there, Anderson rolled over to gain top position, holding on to the triangle as he dropped huge elbows to the defenseless Miller then cranking the exposed arm of his opponent forcing him to tap. 


In the main event of the night, MFS fighter, Nate Rodriguez put his unbeaten record up against Rothwell MMA fighter Todd Monaghan in what had all the ingredients for a stand up war.  It couldn’t have played out any different as most of the fight took place on the ground. Rodriguez almost finished the fight in the first round attempting two separate armbars but was shook off and dumped both times.  At one point in the second round, both Rodriguez and Monaghan had mirrored image ankle locks on each other but neither could secure it.  Rodriguez found the back of Monaghan late in the second round but could not sink in the rear naked choke.  Both visibly fatigued at the beginning of the third round, Monaghan landed a big shot to Rodriguez, dropping him as he followed him to the mat, landing monstrous hammerfists to Rodriguez as the ref stepped in stopping the fight. Along with the win, Monaghan would go on to take home Fight of the Night honors as well as Knockout of the Night.  “I figured if he (Nate) lived up to the hype it would be a great fight,” said Monaghan.  “I have one more fight then the UFC and I’ll leave it at that.” 


Main event winner Todd Monaghan after the fight (Photo by Alexandra Jaimes)


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