Latino Moline High School Students Make the Community Feel Proud


mhsMoline High school celebrated its 132nd annual graduation at Wharton Field House to numerous Latino students who graduated and some who finished in the top ten percent of the class, Principal Gary Koeller said.
“They brought a diversity of culture and were an integral part of Moline,” he said.
Moline School District Superintendent, Cal Lee said that the students were extremely well prepared.
“We have them in engineering programs and honors classes,” he said. “We have the understanding in order to break cycles.”
Felipe Villagomez had a speech
titled, “My High School”. In the speech, he spoke about his parents never having an educational opportunity, he ended the speech with a quote in Spanish, “Los que no miran para adelante se quedan para atras.”
Both of his parents, Felipe Sr. and Rosa Villagomez were very proud of him.
“We made a lot of sacrifices,” Rosa Villagomez said. “I didn’t want him working like us.”
Brenda Hernandez was also the first in her family to graduate. She along with her family came from Salvatierra, Guanajuato. She said that when she first came here she had to learn English and needed help in learning the language in school.
“I am proud,” she said. “Keep your dreams, don’t ever give up.”
Another graduate, Raul Ramirez wants to be an architect and advised the youth to go to college.
“You’ll make more money,” he said.

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