How to find “The One”: A Guide to Finding the Right Wedding Photographer


There are many photographers but you have to pick just one. This list may help you narrow down your search.

► Check them out online. Search around for photographers in your area. Check out their website, Facebook, and blog. A professional photographer knows the importance of presentation and a great portfolio. Find one who’s style you love.

► Make a list of your top 5 and e-mail them with this information:


1. Your wedding date.

2. How long will you need them?

-Tell them what you want covered: Getting ready, formals, ceremony, park, reception.


3. What products would you like?

-USB with all image files, Prints (Paper, Canvas, Metal), Albums, Invitations, Save The Date Cards, and Thank You Cards


4. What is your budget?

-Keep in mind these photos will be with you the rest of your life. The average photographer in the quad cities is on average anywhere from 1,000-5,000. It’s more valuable to pay more for an album full of great photos, than pay less for an album full of bad photos.


► Meet with your top 3-4 photographers at this point. This meeting will serve as a time to meet the person who may be part of your wedding day. It’s very important to make sure you guys get along. During this meeting make sure you ask:

1. Can I see a full wedding, from beginning to end?

-This is very important; photographers only put their best photos online. You want to see a whole body of work in order to visualize what you can expect. Check the photographs for sharpness, color accuracy, creativity, composition, emotional feel, and background choices. Does the photographer do a good job of capturing the feel of the day?

2. Can you show me sample prints and products?

-At this time you can check their products for quality. You can hold them and feel them, something you can’t do online. The paper should feel thicker than normal. Also, ask if they can print mounted photos, or photos on metal or canvas.

3. How do you organize the photos the day of the wedding?

-Most photographers should have some way of organizing their photos around your wedding day plans. sk if they could give you an idea of how long the photos will take. This is where you can talk specifically about your wedding day schedule. This is also the time to ask about any special requests you may have or any final questions about your wedding day.

4. Can I read your contract?

– It’s very important to read the contract and go over the fine details.

► If everything goes well, congratulations, this is the time to hire your photographer!

Ana Mora


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