Fights at the Fairground: Ekim’s and Nick Tarpeins Host Show


Ekim’s Karate and Kickboxing and Nick Tarpein’s School of Karate hosted a night of MMA action at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on March 7th, 2009 despite heavy rainfall that night.

Sal Macias, a member of Mardy’s Martial Arts made his debut that night but is no stranger to MMA.  “I went from high school wresting to Brazilian jujitsu and practicing with Militech I finally did it at 33.  It’s never too late.”  Exclaimed Macias. 

Facing, Tarpein trained, Ben Ledbetter, the fight went to the ground quickly as control switched sides, then on his back, Macias secured a gogoplata submission, pulling his shin over Ledbetter’s head and under his throat and pulling his head down for  the win. “I’m going to focus on my stand up” said Sal. “I wasn’t comfortable to stand up with a kick boxer yet.  That’s what we’re going to be working on at our camp at Mardy’s.”

The main event showcased Royce Arnold facing Javier Barrera for the Amateur Lightweight Championship.  The fight went to the second round as Royce Arnold kneed his way into victory taking home the belt. 


Fight Night Results*:

1.T.J. Wiseman defeats David Malli by armbar submission
2.Masin Hardin defeats Race McIntosh by rear naked choke
3.Sal Macias defeats Ben Ledbetter by gogoplata submission.
4.Gabe Cousins defeats Dwayne Geronzin by knockout
5.Lance Walker defeats Chris Hulling by knockout
6.Derrick Dannit defeats John Kennedy by rear naked choke
7.Dave Nicklaus defeats Eric Winter by knockout
8.Todd Monaghan defeats Andy Coffin by knockout
9.Krista Johnson defeats Tameeka Lake by a choke submission
10.Frank Young defeats Mike Neece by rear naked choke
11.Royce Arnold defeats Javier Barrera by a knockout.

*Thanks to Shelly Vroman for the fight results.


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