El Mariachi Restaurant celebrates their 15th year anniversary


Many say that food made with love tastes the best. In order for a restaurant to be open for 15 years, the people who run it and chefs who cook must put a lot of love in every plate they bring out to their customers. Restaurante El Mariachi, located at 1320 15th St. in Moline, Illinois, is celebrating its 15 year anniversary this year and the owners would like to show their appreciation to all the patrons and others for their support throughout the years through a special celebration that will take place over 2 days on December 1, 6 PM to 9 PM and December 2, 7 PM to 9 PM.

Before Restaurante El Mariachi became a successful restaurant where friends and families meet to enjoy wonderful food in a relaxing surroundings, there were struggles and hardships. One cannot reach success without jumping through he hoops.

“The first year was very difficult. We learned by trial and error. We were not very experienced in the business world, so we learned as we went,” Alfredo Castro, the owner of El Mariachi, explained. “Sometimes you just have to have faith, it will all work out.”


El Mariachi 2Before opening a restaurant Mr. Castro and his wife, Virginia, had a food truck for 12 years, so they were not complete novices in the food business. After working the food truck and full time jobs, the couple saved enough money to finally get their own restaurant without wheels.

“My dream in life has always been to own my own business and to be finally comfortable,” Mr. Castro shared. “To be my own boss. [Although, I am] still working on that,” he laughed.

It took a long time and a lot of hard work to make Restaurante El Mariachi into a successful business. Mr. Castro explained that they did catering and got themselves more involved in the community; they volunteered and even helped out at different fundraisers.


“Anything to spread the word,” Alfredo Castro remembers their first years. “My best advertising was word to mouth.

The restaurant industry is tough and highly competitive and it is very difficult to break into. As most new restaurant owners, at the beginning, Alfredo and Virginia Castro were not sure they could make it. The money was tight and the fear of not reaching success was difficult to overcome, but Mr. Castro assured that they always tried the best they could.


“These days we are more relaxed and confident in our business,” Alfredo Castro shared. “It is not as stressful as it was in the beginning.”

After 15 years of hard work and long road towards success, the owners of Restaurante El Mariachi can finally now loosen up and celebrate this success. Come out for live music, fun, dancing, and raffles and of course, tasty food. There will be music by Trio del Rio and a ribbon cutting ceremony. The celebration will take place at Restaurante el Mariachi, located at 1320 15th St. in Moline, IL, on December 1, 6 PM to 9 PM and December 2, 7 PM to 9 PM.


“[This is] just a little celebration to thank all our loyal customers, good friends and family. They have helped us get this far,” Alfredo and Virginia Castro said.

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