8 week course for training to be CNA offered at Esperanza Center



New Year means new beginnings, new opportunities.  Dieting and exercising is a great goal for starting the year on the right foot, but furthering your education is an even better goal. Education improves lives and changes the whole outlook on life. Educating yourself for a better tomorrow will set the right course for your life this coming year.

You can star 2018 by taking an 8 week course to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Thanks to a partnership between Black Hawk College and Esperanza Center, located at 335 5th Ave in Moline, Illinois, this course that trains participants to become CNAs is now offered for the first time ever at Esperanza Center.

“Black Hawk has been offering CNA courses for a while, but this is the first CNA class taught at Esperanza Center,” Carolyn O’Connor, Esperanza Center Site Coordinator, explained. “We are pleased to be partnering with Black Hawk to provide classroom space and access to the course for Floreciente neighborhood residents and broader community.”


Ms. O’Connor told that this is not the first time Black Hawk partners with Esperanza Center to provide educational opportunities to everyone.

Nurse“We’ve partnered with Black Hawk previously on Citizenship classes through Esperanza Legal Assistance Center and look forward to partnering on other classes that will be helpful for the neighborhood and community,” O’Connor clarified.

The 8 week course for training to be CNA offered at Esperanza Center is for those who are interested in becoming Certified Nursing Assistants or who dream of becoming nurses one day. Becoming a CNA is a great way to jump start a nursing career. The class offered by Black Hawk prepares students for certified test. As to what CNA does, according to description of this career provided at Black Hawk College website: “The CNA student will learn how to assist nurses in direct patient care. The student will learn practical skills such as bathing, feeding, dressing, bed making, how to take vital signs, how to safely move and lift patients, communication techniques, reporting techniques, and infection control. Content also includes professional behavior, simple anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and some pathology. This class meets the state requirements for Alzheimer’s training and CPR content.”


The class offered at Esperanza Center is limited to 8 students. Everyone interested in pursuing this career should register as soon as possible. Ms. O’Connor explained that students can register for this class at Black Hawk College. If you are interested attending this class at Esperanza Center, please, be sure to specify that you desire to take class at the Esperanza Center. The first day of class is January 8, 2018 and this is a day class.

“Cost is approximately $900, although there are additional fees for books and requires medical exam/immunizations, etc.,” Ms. O’Connor detailed information about cost and scholarship opportunities. “A tuition scholarship is available to Floreciente residents who wish to attend the course but require financial assistance. Other financial assistance options may be available for those who qualify. Be sure to ask the advisor or recruitment specialist for information about financial aid.”


Among other requirements, students of English as a Second Language will be required to take the Michigan Test of English language proficiency. For complete list of requirements please visit Black Hawk College website at  https://www.bhc.edu/ufaq-category/cna

Start New Year on the right note and consider getting a new career that can lead you to better and more fulfilled life. Besides CNA classes, there are also opportunities to work towards GED for those who are looking to complete their High School education. For more information about CNA classes please contact Gabriela Hurtado at (309) 796-5341.



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