Better Safe than Sorry: Information on Accident Insurance


With the recent injury that happened in a soccer game to a man who had no insurance, accident insurance now sounds like good idea to have for those who are uninsured. The accident insurance is not meant to replace or even be the primary health insurance but the coverage could cover you and/or your family on and off work.
Jayme Horner of Mojica, Inc., 3807 16th St. in Moline, Ill., said that she knows of some businesses that don’t cover you outside of work.
“There is no underwriting with the accident insurance with expanded benefits coverage,” she said. “You submit copies of your medical
bills for a claim and you’re reimbursed.”
Horner said a basic plan starts off at $26.12 a month with no underwriting and can be for you, your children or both.
“If the gentlemen who broke his leg would have had the coverage, he would have received temporary disability,” she said.
“It’s always better to have something than nothing.”
The company accepts both social security and ITIN numbers as proof to have insurance.
A representative from the Maynard M. Ellison Agency, 1416 48th Street Place in Moline, Ill., said that a disability policy can be taken out to cover you if you’re injured and unable to work but you obviously can’t do it after the incident happens.
“If you don’t have health insurance and don’t work for an employer who offers health insurance, even self employed contractors would be the ideal candidate to have disability coverage,” she said.
“The disability assists you pay your bills in case you lose a limb, or a finger.”

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