Four Million Dollars Available for Small Businesses


Iowa Governor Chet Culver has just recently approved for four million dollars to be used for financial help, technical assistance, and marketing and social projection activities for small businesses.
This program is aimed to help business for Latinos, women and handicapped people who can obtain a $50,000 loan with an annual interest rate of 5%.
Sherry Hopkins, Coordinator of the “Small Business are the Target” program, stated that this is an excellent opportunity for all of those people who’ve dreamed of putting up their own businesses or have wanted to extend it and due to lack
of money they haven’t been able to do so.
To benefit from this program, those interested must complete an application with Ms. Hopkins at the Appeals and Inspections Department and enclose the required documents.  The fastest way to receive access to this information is by visiting the following web site: or by calling the Division of Latino Affairs at (515) 281-7042.
Among other things, the applicant must prove they have paid taxes the last three years, show through birth certificate, passport or other document that they are Latino, and must bring copies of documents that show they are entitled to own a business for which they want the loan for.
At the moment of applying, the small business owner must pay a cost of $25.00 and wait at least 30 day to continue with the application process.

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