A new beginning for Divina


Divina’s Beauty Salon has been at the same place for 39 years. Anyone who knows his way around downtown East Moline knows well this small building. But Divina’s Beauty Salon closed its doors and now Mrs. Divina’s clients can find her at a new location.

Mrs. Divina has sold her building and now you can find her at Magnifique Beauty Salon right next to Skate City in the Avenue of the Cities in East Moline.

“Sometimes, many people do not understand how hard it is to own a business. Whether you want it or not, you always have to be there. You always have to be present,” Mrs. Divina explained about her decision to sale her building. “Someone offered the right price and I sold it.”


Now she works at Magnifique Beauty Salon and she is happy at her new place of work.

“I am less stressed. I don’t have big responsibilities. It is wonderful,” Mrs. Divina said.

The beauty salon where she works now offers a lot different services and she invites all her clients to come look for her there. Her schedule now is from Wednesdays to Fridays from 11 AM to 6 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 3 PM. Magnifique Beauty Salon is located at 1128 Avenue of the Cities in East Moline right next to Skate City. You can reach her at 309-755-1917


After 39 years of existence Divina’s Beauty Salon closed its doors, but it does not mean that Mrs. Divina will stop doing what she has been doing all her life. Simply now she is under less stress and she enjoys her free days more. Look for Mrs. Divina at her new place of work Magnifique Beauty Salon.

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