Yellow Leaf Medicine presents a workshop: How to work with the Aztec Goddess, Coatlicue.

Photo by Stellar Star

Coatlicue is a symbol of Mother Earth to my people, The Mexica (aka Aztecs).  This ancient practice dates as far back as 496 AD.  It was passed down by The Toltecs.

Mother Earth is constantly gifting us.  She provides the rich soil which grows our food. She supplies the water that keeps us alive. She gives us plant medicines, the animal kingdom, oil for our cars, and so much more.

When was the last time you connected with her and gave her something to help her instead of always taking from her?


In this workshop, you will learn how to call her in while using the language and native tongue of the Aztecs; Nahuatl.

This practice is all about connecting with Mother Earth and giving her the negative emotions that are weighing us down.  She will use the energies for her powers and, in return, transform the energies into something beautiful for us.  

This practice not only helps us as individuals, but it also helps our ancestral lineages as well.

Aztec Goddess Coatlicue

We are the pollution on this planet.  It is our responsibility to clean up after ourselves.  If we don’t, these heavy emotions can manifest into physical pain in the body.  

In this workshop, I will teach you how to call upon her in a safe way so that you can begin your healing journey toward restoration and build a healthy relationship with the spirit of the planet on which we live and grow upon. 


January 28, 2023


3-5 pm

655 15th Avenue, East Moline, IL

Please RSVP (limited seats)


$44 donation

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