Local activist RJ Miller is running for Des Moines City Council, At-Large

RJ Miller local Des Moines activist

RJ Miller is running for Des Moines City Council, At-Large. Miller is a DSM advocate, activist, and the Executive Director of Greater Opportunities Inc, a Des Moines-based nonprofit. Miller believes it should be more diversity on the city council, more council members who come from a grassroots background for and from the people who they represent 

“Why I’m running because our City needs real leadership, they need someone who will unify the words and truly fight for their best interest the people deserve someone who will fight against gentrification, redlining, and eminent domain, and more importantly, the city deserves an anti-sellout anti-establishment councilman, which is why I am running.” 

Top issues:


Affordable Housing

“I will be fighting for affordable housing to help eliminate barriers for low-income neighborhoods and to reduce homelessness.”

Racial Justice


“I will be fighting to make sure people of color have equal opportunities and self-determination as we can create a better city for all and not just a select few, a city with diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Empowering Communities for public safety

“I believe we should reimagine public safety because the current model isn’t working for Iowans I believe in community control over police  I believe the police should be accountable to the citizens whom they serve and protect I believe police should live in the communities that they patrol in because it can be a disservice to not have a community cultural understanding of the neighborhoods they patrol in I believe that the City of Des Moines should allow three candidates to run per police district and if elected they will have community oversight of police to directly help shape better public safety and better policies that will benefit the community. The community should also have a say in what kind of training police get and advocate for better, more advanced training if need be.”


Community Investments 

“I will fight for the city to invest in underserved neighborhoods I will specifically fight for them to invest in the youth, be it social programs, community resources centers etc…”

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