Waterloo boxer Kevin Cruz prepares for his next fight in Las Vegas



Boxing was a way to stay out of trouble for him. Years of training, his love for his family and unshakeable faith in God are the main components that are paving the way for success beyond the local boxing scene for Kevin Cruz. On October 20 Kevin Cruz will be fighting at MGM Park Theater in Las Vegas. The fight is undercard of Robert Brant.

But before he made his way to the national boxing scene, he was a Puerto Rican kid in Iowa who started boxing at 15 years old to stay out of trouble. Originally, Cruz is from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. His father moved the family from Puerto Rico to Florida to escape the hard life on the island and to search for their version of the American dream. Later his father moved the family to Iowa where he became a pastor of his own church.

Kevin Cruz from Waterloo, Iowa

“My parents have been a huge support in my boxing career. They have been by my side the whole time, especially my dad,” Kevin Cruz praised his family. “He is my rock and my kids are my motivation, if it wasn’t for them I don’t know where I would be at today.”


While family is his support and motivation, the boxer cannot win fights without training. And he trains hard for the upcoming fight on national stage.

“I’ve been training very hard. I’ve left to Colorado Springs and Omaha Nebraska and jumped into Terrence Crawford camp in Colorado and got some of the best work and sparring anyone could get,” Cruz explained. “And I am still working hard this whole week I leave October 17 and I’ll be war ready.”

And he truly is. Cruz explained that he is determined to win because he is a hard worker who considers himself someone humble and respectful. Also, most of his fights were with very talented fighters, but he held his own in each and every one of them. And once again he is going to be the underdog against undefeated top prospect, managed by Bob Arum,  Joseph Adorno on October 20 at Las Vegas.


“I am not a cocky fighter, but I am no scrub either,” Kevin Cruz described himself as a boxer. “I put in the work to get results I have been getting and with God everything is possible and there is no limit.”

He smiles saying that he is looking to put “Waterloo, Iowa on the map for good.”



Kevin Cruz lights up when he talks about being a role model to younger kids in his community.

“My advice to them is simply never give up on your dreams. Just keep grinding, keep putting in the work, and keep putting in the overtime. No one is perfect, but we were put on this planet for a reason. Everybody has a purpose in life. Everyone has struggles every one falls, but how your react and how you bounce back shows your character and your true colors. Always believe in God. He’s the light and the way,” Cruz shares his wisdom with younger generations.


Last year Cruz and East Moline boxer Joe Perez had what many call the fight of the year in Davenport, IA. Cruz came out victorious in this very close fight. And while training hard for his next big fight, he is contemplating a rematch with Joe Perez. For many local fans this match was everything they asked for and more. Kevin Cruz indicated he would love for the rematch to happen.

“I would love to do it again,” Cruz indicated. “In his [Joe Perez] hometown the crowd was great and we banged it out and I am sure he would love a rematch. I know they have a fight in February 2019. Let’s make it happen.”

“Kevin may be from Waterloo but the QC gives him the support like one of our own.” said Jesse Gomez of Alien Boi Boxing.


Get ready to see a local boxer fight on a national stage. Kevin Cruz will fight on the undercard of Robert Brant on October 20th at MGM Park Theater in Las Vegas. You can stream the fight live with the ESPN Plus App.

Kevin Cruz special message to his Iowa fans: “I wouldn’t be here without you guys, your support, your motivation. That extra push, you guys, give me, I will be forever grateful for it and every single one of you! I am looking to make a statement on October 20 in Vegas and looking to put Iowa on the map, and I wanna give the good Lord up  above the blessings he deserves none of this would be possible without him.”


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