Update on anti-immigrant legislation in Iowa


By Kenia Calderón

Monday, February 12, kicks off “funnel” week in Iowa. Funnel week refers to the period when legislators attempt to advance bills out of committee before Friday, February 16, 2024. Over the next two days, legislators will participate in back-to-back committee hearings and they will most likely review the four anti-immigrant bills. Below is a breakdown of what could happen, how you can help and bill status.

During this week, a bill does not move forward if:


  1. The bill is not scheduled for a committee vote before Friday.
  2. The bill does not get enough votes in support within the assigned committee.

You can help stop the anti-immigrant bills by:

  1. Be ready to show up to committee hearings. These might get scheduled with almost no or little advanced notice.
  2. Find allies living in the district of each committee member and ask them to contact their representative.
  3. Ask House Speaker Grassley not to support House Files 2112, 2381, 2320.

Where each bill stands today:

HF 2112: limits access to certain benefits available to eligible immigrants and charge anyone transporting an undocumented person with a class “C” felony.

Status: pending Judiciary committee vote.


SF 2211 /HF 2381: would allow Iowa law enforcement to act as federal immigrant agents.


Status: SF 2211 passed the sub-committee and is now pending full Senate Judiciary committee hearing. HF 2381 was introduced on Thursday, Feb. 8 and is pending sub-committee hearing.


SF 108: aims to require Iowa businesses to use E-Verify.


Status: pending Senate Judiciary committee vote.

HF 2320 (formerly HF 2128): require proof of citizenship to access in-state tuition at a public university or community college in Iowa.

Status: received enough votes in support in the committee and is now pending scheduling for a vote in the House chamber.

Keep contacting your representatives, show up and don’t give up! Together we can stop these bills from becoming a reality in our state.

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