How to stop the 3 anti-immigrant bills in the 2024 Iowa Legislative Session


By Kenia Calderón

Three anti-immigrant bills have been introduced in the Iowa legislative session of 2024. We need your help to stop these from becoming law. Join us by:

  1. Submitting a public comment for each bill.
  2. Attending the sub-committee hearing; we need to fill the room to make it clear that Iowans oppose these bills.
  3. Contacting committee members through phone or email, urging them to vote against these.
  4. Encouraging your friends to join you in taking action.

Please read this information carefully to avoid spreading misinformation and instilling fear among immigrant communities.

House File 2128


Sub-committee hearing scheduled for Monday, January 29 at 4:30pm in Room 103 at the Iowa State Capitol.

HF 2128 proposes the requirement for students attending a public university or community college to provide proof of citizenship in order to be eligible for in-state tuition.

House File 2112


Sub-committee hearing scheduled for Tuesday, January 30 at 12pm in Room 102 at the Iowa State Capitol.

HF 2112 aims to harm vulnerable families and criminalize transporting a person who is undocumented.

Senate File 108/HSB 105


Sub-committee hearing scheduled for Wednesday, January 31 at 8am in Room 19 at the Iowa State Capitol.

SF 108 / HSB 105 would require Iowa businesses to use the federal E-verify program and would block employment of undocumented people.

By adding a public comment, attending the sub-committee hearing, and contacting the Judiciary committee members, we can ensure thousands of immigrant families continue to call Iowa their home.

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