Two sanitation workers save 10-year-old girl from kidnapper in New Iberia, Louisiana.


On Monday at 1:30 am there was an AMBER Alert about a missing 10-year old girl in New Iberia. Dion Merrick and Brandon Antoine, sanitation workers for Pelican Bay, were working the daily route at 7:00 AM when they noticed a car that fit the description in the alert. The sanitation workers thought that it was very suspicious to see the car parked alone in the field in St. Martin Parish. They realized there was a man with a little girl in the car, so they parked the sanitation truck the wrong way to prevent the alleged kidnapper from escaping and called 911. When police came, they arrested Michael R. Sereal. It was his car that AMBER Alert mentioned. The police safely recovered the girl who appeared to be unharmed.  

Girl’s family contacted the sanitation workers to express their gratitude. Merrick, one of the sanitation workers, indicated that he hopes his actions will inspire others to be proactive. 


The sanitation workers were broadcasting at Facebook Live when they stopped the kidnapper from escaping. The video they posted on social media has been viewed 1.5 million times. 

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