The new government and opposition in Mexico

To the surprise of the people of Mexico and the international community, in the evening of Nov. 30th the “elected” President Felipe Calderon and the now former president Vicente Fox gathered at the official Presidential Residence of Los Pinos (like the U.S. White House) to complete the traditional transfer of the presidential sash and the presidency of the republic, an act in which the new president gave his first public speech to the nation as acting president.felipe_calderon

On Dec. 1st, in the midst of booing and reputing expressions Felipe Calderon took over as new president of Mexico and the ex-president symbolically gave him the presidential sash again, which Calderon rapidly placed it on himself; this act did not last more than two minutes after his appearance which was almost like a magical act in the Governmental Palace in San Lazaro where three days earlier his followers, the senators of his PAN political party took over the main platform in congress so that their opponents, the senators from the PRD party, would not do the same, it’s fit to note that throughout the capitol there was a deployment of all the public forces; army, marines, national guard, armed infantry, and all groups that were trained to maintain the public order. Even after all this they couldn’t prevent the “parallel” government of the self-proclaimed president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, to meet at Mexico City’s landmark Angel de Independencia (Angel of Independence) with thousands of his followers for a march towards the National Auditorium (Auditorio Nacional), taking posters and a banner with his image and the emblem of the eagle of justice with the phrase “Step by step towards a new republic.”  In his speech he made it clear that he would keep fighting for a real democracy and will not negotiate in the terms of his adversaries. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador or as he is called AMLO, self-proclaimed himself legitimate president of Mexico on Nov. 20th in a simple ceremony that took place in Mexico City’s historic plaza, El Zocalo, in front of more than 100,000 followers. This act may seem laughable to many, to others embarrassing or foolish, some speak of political immaturity, but what is true is that the country is divided and drowned in one of the biggest political crises’ of the our times, but for many this rebellion also signifies a lot of courage and the hope that there is someone out there who will not permit things to keep on going on like they have until now. All these acts speak for themselves of the contradictory state in which the country is at. Everyone wants a change, but a change that will benefit everyone, however in all the fights, just like in all the wars, the ones who are affected the most are those with the least, the ones without protection, the ones who no one listens to even though they are found everywhere and that at a certain time the candidates find themselves depending on them to achieve their aim, which is to become powerful.  An act which after done makes them forget the promises made to these people who inevitably place and invest their hopes and the little bit they can, and end up with a loss of their investment which in turn ends up in the pockets of these politicians who are only interested in their own well being, since that the indigenous, farmers or laborers rarely see any improvements in exchange. The now ex-president Fox in his lasts declarations utilized with frequency these words: “It is embarrassing,” which brought out the feelings he desired from the population since we are a community that is easily embarrassed; how embarrassing would it be if our neighboring countries find out what happens in our territory; how embarrassing that the United States wants to build a wall to try to stop illegal immigration, etc. But; with all this said is it not really embarrassing that the things in Mexico are now worse than before in many ways?  Is it not embarrassing that the now former president Fox before leaving his presidency said “I’m leaving now; fix things how you see fit”? Or that after so many promises of change there is so many problems; that 0.01 percent of the population controls 95 percent of the wealth in Mexico; the impunity of drug traffickers, corrupt politicians, and corrupt bankers.  And what of the conflict he leaves in Oaxaca? Has it not always been the same solution; to use the public and label those who rebel against the government as murderers, drug addicts, rapist, thieves and everything else that you could think of, like in the recent case of the APO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca), and accuse them of being highly dangerous? Even more embarrassing is that after demonstrating the immorality of the Governor of Oaxaca or “Gobe Precioso” this person is still seated at his throne? And what of the poverty and ignorance in which the Mexican population is inundated in and held up by these corrupt “institutions” that manipulate, control, and abolish all liberty, is this not more embarrassing?
The fight for the people of Mexico to improve their standard of living has only begun, and if the new president and all the politicians and powerful leaders, don’t improve the lives of the people, redistribute the wealth in a just way, provide better the education, respect and help the indigenous communities, if they don’t create political, social, cultural and religious places for the public to express itself; most likely history will repeat itself in a struggle that doesn’t benefit any one and no one really wants. Finally, the majority of the people believe that things haven’t changed at all, that everything is the same if not worse.

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