Great advances in Mexico, but still a lot left to do



During the 6­-year term of Vicente Fox, there were great advances in Mexico. Unfortunately it wasn’t the great change everyone awaited for because there was no support in his initiatives presented to Congress.felipe_calderon

During Fox’s administration the bases for a stable economy were established without devaluation and inflation, which gave room for banks as well as financial institutions, and financers to open credit lines to business men and women. This has allowed people to buy houses, cars, furniture, clothes or even to pay for a college tuition on credit with accessible and fair interest rates.
During his government many positive social programs were created. “Opportunities” is a program specifically directed to the poorest people, which give financial help, scholarships for students, and the possibility to own a house, and have health insurance. This program gives the opportunity to every person without health insurance or ‘isstte’ to receive medical attention. Furthermore, every person sick with cancer receives free treatment, and children from the day they’re born to age 5 can count with medical services and nutrient.
In ‘isstte’ (federal health institution) they implement a prevention program, especially for seniors. With this program they screen someone for diabetes, hypertension, mal nutrition and in women for breast and uterus cancer.
“Indigenous enterprise”, is a program that helps indigenous people or artisans to export their products or sell their products in Mexico, with the support of Xochil Galvez who was in charge of this project created bilingual schools (in their dialect and Spanish) for the indigenous towns, roads for their communities, hospitals and houses.
“Direct support” to farmers without intermediates, is a program that allows people to register directly in the local community or state associations, to receive financial support after a verification process.
“Give them Scholarships” is a program that gives financial support or scholarships from elementary school to college.
Computers and multimedia materials are given to elementary and middle schools. In Fox’s term, there was an economic growth of 3%. The first couple years due to the deceleration of the U.S., our main commercial partner, our growth was of only 2%, but the last two years it’s been 4 and 5%.
The congressional decisions, the majority from opposition, did not permit for the necessary reforms to take place, because the legislators from the ‘PRI’ and the ‘PRD’ party cared more what their parties told them to do than what was best for the Mexican people. These parties acted out of bad intentions and demonstrated their sole ambition for power and for the failure of Fox, not caring about the damage that with their attitude were creating for the Mexican people. The goal of ‘PRI’ and especially ‘PRD’ is to obtain the power by any means necessary. They say they worry about the poor but the only thing they do is use them and deceive them.
The presidency of Felipe Calderon represents a real change and advance, because he knows what was done and what is left to do, furthermore he is a person who is meticulous with what he says and does, during his walk through the (congressional) house he demonstrated that he is willing to listen to all parties and supported what in that moment was best for our country. Calderon is a politician who knows how to reconcile.

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