The Great Bull Run Coming to Chicago


When you hear the words Chicago and bulls, you instantly think of the NBA team. Not this time though. Up until this past year, if you wanted to run with the bulls you had to take a trip to Spain. Not anymore. Rob Dickens, Chief Operating Officer for The Great Bull Run LLC, has brought the longstanding Spanish tradition and event to the United States.

“A trip to Spain is very expensive and just not feasible for everyone,” said Dickens. “So why not bring something similar to the states.” And so he did and The Great Bull Run made its debut this past April in Dallas Texas, but this event was met with some controversy though. “I wasn’t expecting the reaction we got from the animal rights activists,” explained Dickens. “We are not abusing the animals in any way. We train them to run.”

There are many misconceptions about what running with the bulls actually consists of. This is not a race. There would be no way a human would be able to beat a bull that is running as fast as 35 mph. There are 18 bulls that are released and the event is over fairly quickly, but it still not for the faint of heart. “These bulls are not trained to attack,” explained Dickens. “But what we have done is found the most aggressive bulls we can for the event.”


This event would not be complete without one of the craziest food fights in the history of food fights better known as the Tomato Royale. An event inspired by La Tomatina Festival in Buñol, Spain. “Everyone who participates in the run gets a pass to participate in the Tomato Royal or you can buy a ticket separately,” said Dickens. “The whole point isn’t to fight with tomatoes. It’s to go out and have fun.”

Whether you are looking to cross something off your bucket list or simply want a story to tell your kids when you grow old. The Great Bull Run is the event for you. And that’s no bull! Pun intended.

Go to the web page for more information and to register for the race in your town.


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