Tego Calderon Sees Things Differently


Many artists see the world differently than the rest of us.  tego_calderonTego Calderon is one of those artists that see things differently.  Although his bank account is a lot bigger since his career took off these last few years, he has not let his success get to his head. Tego is an individual who has an authentic passion for his craft and feels the need to do a quality job for his fans.  His latest production titled “The Underdog” reflects that passion for creating an album of the same quality or better than his first album “El Abayarde”, which was a total hit. After listening to this album, many who consider Tego a reggaeton artist will understand why it bothers him to be classified as that, he prefers to be considered an artist. “I think it’s been quite a groundbreaking album, something new for the Hispanic movement, it’s not only hip hop, there’s a lot more,” says Tego about his new album.  In this album you’ll find a broad variety of musical genres for a creation that only Tego can pull off.  Rhythm & Blues, Salsa, Reggae, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Bomba and Plena are sounds that can be heard and mixed with each other, creating a fusion along with Tego’s message, that’s ahead of its time.  That’s exactly what Tego wanted to do with “The Underdog.”  He believes reggaeton has been “stuck” and says that his audience is a more mature one that “doesn’t have many young people, kids.” “My message has to be much more complete, because there’s people who are waiting for Tego’s message, there’s people who are waiting for hip hop, there’s people who are waiting for what’s different, that’s the people I do music for,” says Tego.
That’s how Tego sees things, and his song “Veo, Veo” he talks about all the bad he sees around the world and on his home island of Puerto Rico.  “In the poor neighborhoods is where drugs are sold.  How did they get here?  Who brought them?  We don’t know, we don’t even have boats.”  Even President Bush doesn’t escape his criticism, “you couldn’t handle Osama, you took it out on Sadam…many of your people have fallen, mothers without their children…”
Those types of lyrics and messages are what distinguish this album and Tego from others of his fellow rappers or reggaetoneros who for the most part talk about bling, bling and clubbing.  His favorite song on this album is “A Mi Papa” which is a personal letter to his deceased father that got a great response.
“It took me by surprise, it’s a real personal song that I made with no intentions of being liked, but the people felt it,” says Tego.  He hopes it will be the album’s next single, after the soon to premier reggae song titled “Chillin”, a collaboration with Don Omar.
For now Tego keeps working on other future projects.  The first is a hip hop album for his partner Chino Nino, who excluding Tego, is the first artist to come out of his label Jiggiri Records.
On March of 2007, Tego will have a key role in a film by director John Singleton titled “Illegal Tender”.  Tego will also be featured on the soundtrack to the movie.
“I’m really excited about that because I enjoyed the experience and I want to keep acting.  But I hope that the people will like it and I hope they give it a positive response because I really enjoyed the experience,” said Tego.
If you can’t wait to catch him on the big screen, you can pick up his new album which is out now.  For more information on Tego Calderon visit his web page at www.TegoCalderon.com or to see more exclusive photos visit www.Urban

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