Teacher at Glenview Middle School, Lydia Aceviz, wins “Teacher of the Year” award

Ms. Lydia Aceviz. Photo by Antonio Varela / Hola America

Being a teacher is a very selfless and honorable profession. Teachers take on the responsibility of participating in the creation of the good citizens of tomorrow. During the pandemic, many realized how important the role of teachers is in society.  That’s why it is more significant today than ever before to appreciate the teachers. One of the ways locals appreciate teachers is by nominating Quad Cities teachers from various schools for the special recognition of the “Quad-City Times Teacher of the Year Award”. One of the winners this year is Lydia Aceviz from Glenview Middle School.

Ms. Aceviz is a 7th-grade math teacher. She was born and raised in Hampton, IL. She has three siblings and she is a proud aunt of nine nieces and nephews. Ms. Aceviz attended Hampton Elementary school and United Township High School.

“After graduation, I played on a basketball scholarship at Black Hawk College and transferred to Calumet College of Saint Joseph in Hammond, Indiana, where I received my Bachelors in Elementary Education with a middle school endorsement in Mathematics,” she shared.

She told us that she decided to pursue a career as a teacher after becoming an aunt.

“My desire for being a teacher started when I became a Tía,” Ms. Aceviz told us. “I have nine nieces and nephews and I share a special bond with them and I love spending quality time with them. “

“Teacher of the Year” Lydia Aceviz from Glenview School in East Moline with her mom Emilia Aceviz
Photo by Antonio Varela/Hola America

She loves being a teacher because it allows her to build relationships with students and be someone other students can look up to.

“I became a teacher because I know how important it is for young adults to see someone who is a representation of them as an educator and being able to show that they too can succeed in anything they aspire to be,” Ms. Aceviz said.

This year was her first year as a teacher at Glenview Middle School. Before coming to Glenview she was teaching at Schrum Memorial School in Calumet City, Illinois and for the past 7 years, she worked at Scott Middle School in Hammond, Indiana.

“I like Glenview because of its diversity, I love how much culture walks through the hallways and it shows. East Moline is a special place,” Ms. Aceviz shared about her first year at Glenview.

As for the QC Times Teacher of the Year Award, she confessed it was unexpected and took her by surprise.


“I was nominated by my lovely sister Francisca Aceviz for the QC Times Teacher of the Year and it came to me as a huge shock,” Ms. Aceviz said. “My colleague Margarita Mojica had broken the news to me during a morning meeting. I had no idea about the nomination so it was something I was not expecting at all.”


She added that she had only one week to spread the word so everyone who wished to do it could cast their vote for her. Ms. Aceviz laughed, saying that she is a very competitive person by nature.

“With the support of family, friends, and students, I won the award and it feels incredible to be appreciated in the same area I grew up in,” she proudly stated.

The award also comes with a prize of $500 in gift cards to be used on school supplies for her 7th-grade math class.


Ms. Aceviz said she has a few ideas on how she will spend her supply money from her award.

“Hopefully my students will appreciate any new additions to my classroom,” sh added.

Ms. Aceviz will continue teaching at Glenview Middle School this year and this fall she will coach the 8th-grade volleyball team.

The profession of a teacher is not an easy one and although it has its own rewards, it is important for our society also to show appreciation to those who are an important part in the shaping of our students into good members of society. Congratulations to Lydia Aceviz, a local math teacher from Glenview Middle School for winning the QC Times Teacher of the Year Award.

“I want to shout out to my family who has always been there and supported me in my career. To my late father, who I wish was still here to share this,” Ms. Aceviz thanked her family for being there for her.

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