St. Mary’s Church in Davenport will close its doors in June


St. Mary’s Church in Davenport was founded in 1867 with Rev. J.A.M. Pelamourgues as the first pastor. For over 150 years the church served the Davenport community providing guidance to those in need, helping people to foster and grow their faith and making the community stronger together.

Unfortunately, St. Mary’s Church in Davenport will be closing its doors in June. Fr. Chris made an announcement that dioceses made a decision to close Sr. Mary’s Parish starting on June 30, 2020. Members of the church should start planning on where they will attend masses in the future. 


Members of St. Mary’s Parish express their sadness on social media pages. Many recommend coming together as a community and plan together for their future as a community of faith. If anyone is interested to learn more about why this decision was made, Father Guillermo Treviño Jr., advises talking to the bishop.

St. May’s Church Davenport was a big part of the community, but unfortunately, it will close its doors in the summer of next year.  

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