Sending Money to Mexico is Now More Secure, More Economical and Easier


envios_de_dineroMany immigrants from Mexico can now benefit from a transfer service when sending money back to their families.  Directo a Mexico is a service that allows people in the United States to transfer money securely, faster, and with less hassles to their loved ones back home.  For years Mexican immigrants would have to send money through wire services that would charge large fees and require you to visit a designated
place where to send and receive the money transferred.  With Directo a Mexico, you may open a bank account in the United States and transfer money to an account assigned in Mexico where your family can use a debit card to withdraw the amount desired without having to carry large sums of cash.  The money is transferred through participating banks through the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks to Mexico where the Banco de Mexico delivers it to all the corresponding banks in Mexico.  The money is then available to access from Mexico the very next day.
Now, if you don’t have a bank account or a social security number to open an account with, help is available.  The participating banks will help you to open an account and obtain an ITIN number which is required to have an account.  Opening a bank account also helps create a credit history and opens the doors to credit cards and bank loans.
There are many other benefits to using Directo a Mexico instead of traditional wire services.  It is secure because they don’t have to take all the cash out at once in Mexico, the remainder can stay in the bank until you are ready to take more out through an ATM or by using a debit card to make purchases.  The money is safer at a bank than it would be hidden in your home.  A low transfer fee gives more pesos to your family for every dollar transferred.  You may even make automated transfers that let you choose a day when you automatically want a transfer to be made.  Now you don’t have to pay an extra visit to the bank just to make a transfer.   And no matter how small of an amount you send, you will always have the best currency exchange rate available.
To find out if your bank offers Directo a Mexico please ask one of your tellers or if you don’t have a bank account please visit a participating bank or credit union and ask about this service.

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