See it in yourself to dive deeper in the iOS 15 update!


On June 7th Apple held their 2021 WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) with features being added to IPhone and upgrades coming with the IOS 15, MacOS, and IPadOS. This conference was virtual and open for anyone to attend. 

Apple had been working behind the scenes in bringing features to make everyday life easier and virtual on IPad, IPhone, and MacOS. 

Many features such as Facetime links, on iOS 15 users will be able to schedule conference calls and a new feature known as share play will allow users to share their screens on their phone with other users in the call all in sync.


Facetime links will not only allow users to watch movies, listen to music, but will also allow different features to audio. With 2020-2021 being virtual in school and in the workplace. WWDC announced a couple new audio features. Spatial audio is where it will give users the option to cancel any background sounds. Spatial Audio will focus and Isolate the user’s voice to better personalize the experience to both users on the call. Facetime links will also be available to everyone from any device so anyone can join.

With many of the new features the Apple Wallet also stepped up the game in partnering with participating states and having to add your State ID with your electronic wallet. Users will also be able to unlock their hotel room and get into their homes with their Apple Wallet. 

From the conference Translator will also be bringing new updates! translator will also feature Auto-Translate where it will translate a conversation face to face and pick up the conversation making it easier to the individuals who are having a conversation.


Many of these features aren’t new, but have important features which improve users’ experiences. 


Throughout the conference it transitioned into the Corrie Health app, which will collect and organize users’ cardiovascular health information. 


Francoise Marvel a Cardiologist Fellow at John Hopkins University & Seth Martin a Cardiologist at John Hopkins worked together alongside Apple developers on the Corrie Health App to help communicate with patients on their health.


“Our clinical trial was able to save an incredible amount of people from having complications and come back to the hospitals; and it reduced hospital readmissions by 52%” said Marvel

With the new installments this information may also be shared with loved ones or health care providers catching trends to understand the users’ health. The health app will keep the data secured and information will only be available to the users discretion.

With the event bringing more features to apple users, this sets the stage of the continuation of the future norm to virtual activities, events, and any type of socialization. Along with this, many workplaces and schools are being forced to adjust to an online setting, many in which may leave the virtual setting as an option in certain states. 

Many workplaces embrace virtual landscapes. Innovation and new developments will continue to bring ease in virtual workplaces and also bring users’ health to their attention.

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