San Nicolas Champions Once again


San Nicolas won the championship in the first round of two this year in the QC soccer League. The two teams had met once before

the championships and San Nicolas fell short 3-1 against Furia. The Championship game however had a different ending. Furia was the first of the two teams to draw blood making it 1-0. Manuel scored the second goal after scoring a penalty kick. El “Cebollo” then scored the third goal of the match putting San Nicolas on top. Furia with only minutes to go in the match scored the equalizing goal. With the game ending in a 2-2 draw in the allowed 90 min of regular time.
Although Furia had the momentum going for them in over time “San Nicolas just had more heart” according to Marco Torres and defended well ending 0-0 and headed to penalty kicks. Where San Nicolas came out victorious winning the game 5-4 in a nail biting display of Penalty kicks.
Throughout the regular season San Nicolas had only lost three games. In the semi final game of the tournament San Nicolas faced an impressive Texcoco and also drew 2-2. But since San Nicolas had a better record they advanced to the finals. Marco Torres a young Veteran on the team said “We have a few older players with lots of experience to motivate the younger guys and get us to play better and harder” intern having the best of both worlds. Congratulations to the team and its fans.


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