Rewiring Lamps


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About this Project

Like plugs, lamp cords get stepped on and yanked. And if a lamp has a tendency to heat up, the cord’s insulation can become cracked near the socket. Replace any cord with damaged insulation; it is dangerous.
Replacing a cord is not difficult. In fact,
you may want to do it simply to have a cord that makes a lamp more attractive.


1. Feed the new cord through
Disconnect the old cord from the lamp socket, and snip off the plug. Tie the new cord to the old one with a piece of string or some tape. The trick is to make the connection thin enough so it slides through the center rod. Pull the new cord through as you withdraw the old one.

2. Secure the cord
Snip off the old cord and discard it. Tie an Underwriters knot, as shown, leaving about 2-1/2 inches of each wire to work with. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from the end of each wire.

3. Attach the wires
Twist the strands tight with your fingers. Use needle-nose pliers to form hooks, and wrap them around the terminal screws. Tuck any loose strands in as you tighten the terminal screws.

4. Reassemble the lamp
Reassemble the socket and install the harp as shown. Attach a new plug. See Replacing Plugs and Cords, Related Projects. You’re ready to put in a bulb, attach the shade, and plug in your lamp.

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