Racist flyers have appeared in the West End of Davenport calling for “Racial Distancing” because of COVID-19


Racism is still alive and well. Some like to attribute the problem of racism to big cities only. Unfortunately, that is not true. Davenport is smaller than Des Moines, but racism is right here and lately it has been rearing its ugly head more often than before.  

A journalist and local activist, Athena Gilbraith announced through her Facebook page that her child found racist flyers outside of their home in the west end of Davenport, IA. The racist flyer is calling for “Racial Distancing” calling whites to distance from blacks because the rates of infections of coronavirus are higher among African American population.  Although the infection does seem to affect African American and Hispanic population more, it has nothing to do with a person’s skin color. It is likely that the higher number of COVID-19 cases among minorities has to do with the fact that most of them are working at jobs that were designated as essential, lack of resources and medical attention in those communities also worsen the outbreak among African Americans and Hispanics.  

Although extremely upset that her child was the one who found these racist flyers, Ms. Gilbraith declared that she will not quit her activism because of this incident. She received a lot of support and some shared similar stories on her Facebook page.  


Racism has become more common in recent couple of years. It is not a big city problem anymore and the latest incident in Davenport proves that.

Last Saturday Le Claire, IA residents held a rally in protest against these racist flyers distributed in their town.

Seems that the small towns in Iowa are being targeted by these hate groups to spread their propaganda.


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