Quad City Silverbacks One Step Closer to IFL Finals


Once again, Pat Miletich’s Quad City Sliverbacks are on the road to another IFL title. They got closer when they faced one of the IFL’s four new teams this season, Igor Zinoviev’s Chicago Red Bears. On May 19th, the Silverbacks defeated the Red Bears at the Sears Centre in Chicago, Ill. with a final score of 3-2.
The first match was in 155lb category between Bart Palszewsky of the Silverbacks and John Strawn of the Red Bears. Palszewsky quickly connected a vicious right that sent his opponent to the canvas earning him a knockout in an amazing fashion. The fight was over at :33 of the first round giving the Silverbacks a 1-0 advantage.
Then, it was Mike Ciesnolevicz of the Silverbacks who stepped into the ring against Adam Maciejweski in a light heavyweight (205 lb) bout that seemed to be dominated by Ciesnolevicz. As soon as the bell rang to initiate the second round, Ciesnolevicz pressured the fight and eventually go Maciejewski down and ground pounded him until
the referee stepped in to stop the fight to give Ciesnolovicz the TKO victory at 2:16 of the second round and giving the Silverbacks a 2-0 advantage.
Ryan McGivern of the Silverbacks tried to secure the win for the Silverbacks but tapped out to a choke hold from Tim Kennedy of the Red Bears in the 185 lbs fight.
The Red Bears were now depending on Travis Fulton in the heavyweight fight against Silverback Big Ben Rothwell who had an IFL undefeated record. It became obvious in the first minute of the fight that Rothwell’s reach was going to be a problem for Fulton, but Fulton showed a lot of heart and kept driving forward with Rothwell connecting on various combos. In the second round, Fulton scored an early takedown but again he seemed in trouble, then Big Ben secured a kimura that forced Fulton to tap out at 3:11 of the second round giving the Silverbacks the win and now a 3-1 lead.
In the 170lb fight Josh Neer steeped in for injured Rory Markham for the Silverbacks against Mark Miller. Unfortunately it was short night for Neer as Miller was able to knockout Neer at :54 of the first round. The final score was 3-2 with the Silverbacks coming out on top.

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