Quad Cities Latino elected official receives racist text

Rock Island County Board Chairman Richard Quijas Brunk alongside RICO State's Attorney Dora Villareal and RICO board member Jeff Deppe at Mercado on Fifth last year. Photo by Tar Macias

The whole country has been inflamed with protests against racism. Unfortunately, racism is not a problem in big cities only. The Quad Cities has had its share of incidents of racism increase lately. The latest victim of these racist harassments is Richard Quijas Brunk, a Chairman of the Rock Island County Board.


Mr. Brunk issued a statement on Facebook with a picture of his smartphone that displayed the racist message sent to him. The message said that they hated the chairman calling him a “POS” and a “Traitor” asking if Mr. Brunk was a “legal USA [sic] resident.” He indicated this has never happened to him before.

Message Mr Brunk received last Wednesday.

Mr. Brunk, the first Latino to serve as the Chairman of Rock Island County Board, believes the message was sent to him by someone who does not agree with the recent action of the board.


“Initially it was upsetting because it was an attack on my being and I have always been very proud of my heritage,” Mr. Brunk described how this incident made him feel. “Then I started thinking about the racism my grandparents, my great-aunts and uncles, my Mom, and others had to face in decades past, and how there’s no way that I was going to allow that kind of ignorance to get the best of me.”

Despite the hate message, Chairman Richard Quijas Brunk assured that he will continue serving all the residents of the country. He also encouraged everyone who had to go through a similar experience to be strong and use it as a fuel to fight for a better tomorrow for everyone.

“Don’t let it bring you down. Don’t let it stop you from being you, and being proud of who you are. The emotion that you feel, use that in a positive way to be the best you, you can be,” he advised.

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