Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to present new book on Hero Street


Plans have been confirmed for an upcoming visit with a well-known Pulitzer Price-winning journalist, author; and, international correspondent A special ceremony will be held on May 6th, 11AM at Hero Street Memorial Park in Silvis. Bob Cervantes, 1st Ward Alderman, Silvis, is Event Chairperson. Various dignitaries have been invited and the public is invited to attend.

Carlos Harrison is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, editor of more than a dozen books in English and Spanish. A former national and international correspondent for the Fox News Channel, Harrison also has written two award winning television documentaries and seven feature length screenplays, as well as hundreds of newspaper articles and dozens of magazine pieces.

His latest projects, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez’s first book and Ricky Martin’s spiritual inspirational memoir, Ricky Martin: Me: came out in 2010. His current work, The Ghosts of Hero Street, is due out from Penguin Books in May 2014.


“The Ghosts of Hero Street”: How One Small Mexican American Community Gave So Much in World Ward II and Korea

Twenty-two Mexican-American families who lived on that one street sent fifty-seven of their children to fight in World War II and Korea – more than any other place that size anywhere in the country. Eight of those children died. It’s distinction recognized by the Department of Defense; and, it earned that rutted, unpaved strip a distinguished name. Today, it is known as Hero Street.

Mr. Harrison will be introducing his new book, Ghosts of Hero Street, following the ceremony and will be available for book signing Plans will include visits with local schools and colleges.


Co-sponsors: Bob Cervantes, 1st Ward Alderman, City of Silvis, and the Greater Quad-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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