A pop of color or classic black and white will make a trendy tux


Prom, like a holiday, only comes once a year and teens want to look their best for the big night. Sure, girls are anxious to find the perfect dress, but guys have a bit of stress, too. With loads of styles and colors, how do you know what sort of tux to choose? What is popular right now?

Alex Anthony, vice president of Ducky’s Formal Wear in Moline, says it’s a bit early to tell what trends will be like this year, but the classic look always is a good one. Popular accent colors include white, black, pink and coral.
Mr. Anthony says guys usually match their tuxes to their dates’ dress because, for the most part, girls have their dresses picked out well before guys even think about renting a tux.
Mr. Anthony says if you really want to make a statement at your prom, dare to be different in colors such as powder blue, orange or red striped zoot suits or camouflage patterned vests and ties.
The average tux rental costs between $60 and about $170.
Mr. Anthony suggests customers bring in photos of their date’s dress to aid in finding a tux to match.
Some teens, such as Moline High School senior Will Wallace, handle choosing tux colors a bit differently.
“I tell the girl to match what I’m wearing,” Will says, “but I usually go with the classic black pants and vest with a white shirt.”
Will says this choice is influenced by James Bond and Frank Sinatra.
Mr. Anthony says choosing a tux can take five to 10 minutes if the customer knows what he wants. But more often than not, “the family will come along, and when you have five different opinions going around, the process naturally will be slower.”
While it’s a bit too early to say what the trends will be like this year for guys’ prom attire, bright colors and the classic black and white are safe choices. Good luck!


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