Photo Gallery of the Charros at the Horse Fair 2021


Once again the Charros from Rancho El Carretero and their friends gave a great show at the 2021 Iowa Horse Fair. 

For the Piña brothers, it is very pleasant to share their culture with their cousins, nieces and nephews ​​and all their family members from the Piña Rodríguez family, who are also part of these groups. “Rancho Carretero is like a piece of Mexico here in Iowa”


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Check out the images here from Tar Macias of Hola Iowa and also check out the other galleries from Escaramuza Las Zacatecanas and the Escaramuza Infantil.

Photo Gallery of Escaramuza Las Zacatecanas at the Horse Fair 2021




Photo Gallery of las “Escaramuzitas” at the Horse Fair 2021



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